Designed by love of physics and materials.
Used at the heart
of musicians

24 years of enriching artist with the tools of tomorrow


For twenty-four years we have been continually improving our composite sticks, drawing on the experience of master bow-makers and using the best in engineering know-how

But above all, we owe our success to the passionate dialogue we have established with bow-makers, artists and renowned performers who are just as demanding as we ourselves are. Many of them have become our friends. We have spent hundreds of hours together discussing tone, timbre, power, ergonomics, inertia, agility and many other aspects, but with one overriding focus: the quality of the music produced.


Introducing the Naturbow®

How do we make a bow that takes best out of wood, and combine it with the superiority of Carbon fiber? It’s called Naturbow® and it will change the way you play and perform.



Whether beginners, confirmed amateurs or professionals, they all have in common the CARBOW experience and are happy to freely share their impressions. Many feel they have re-discovered their instrument, even found renewed pleasure in playing, which they felt they had lost. Some, who thought they had reached their limits suddenly realized they were making new progress.

They also mention the trust they developed in the people who work for CARBOW and the shared passion for music and excellence. The story is not exclusively about technique, it is also about human relationships.

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Elevated. Cultivated. Carbow.