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Carbow also builds carbon bow under different names.
"Nelly Poidevin", baroque violin bow
"Robertson & Sons", French-style double bass bows destined for the US market.


Violon NP

750 €

This baroque violin carbon fiber stick is built by Carbow and complet bow is mounting by Nelly POIDEVIN. The stability and quick response of the bow brings assurance, comfort and precision to musicians wishing to experiment the dynamics of baroque music.
Nelly is a renowned bow maker specialized in baroque bows made of amourette wood. Her work on the different species of wood used in the history of ancient bows is remarkable. Nelly taught us a great deal at the beginning, it was therefore only normal that we should make her bows in carbon – a very .... exotic wood!

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Black stick
Bow lenght = 71 cm

Weight from 46 to 51 grs
Hair lenght = 59 cm

Snakewood frog

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Sold exclusively by Robertsons & Sons

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These bows were developed in collaboration with the Roberston & Sons family in the United States.  We build for them these exclusive French-style double bass models with their specific frogs of a delicate grain with a double silver ring.
Nickel silver mounted ebony frog for the standard bows
Silver mounted amourette frog for heavier bows.

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Black stick
Bow's lenght = 70 cm
Hair's lenght = 54,5 cm

Weight fom 136 to 150 grs
Ebony ou snakewood frog H= 30mm
Kangaroo leather grip

Pearl = Goldfish
Bowtip in casein
Silver wrapping

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