Manufacturer of carbon bows since 1995

Our range of carbon bows:

Carbow offers several ranges of carbon bows for each type of instrument.

CARBOW’s "Classical" range of bows available in three finishes: Ebony, Snakewood and CarboWave (brown finish).

The "Grand Virtuoso" range of distinctive bows, specially designed for some of our greatest musicians: Renaud Garcia-Fons, Gary Karr, Vincent Pasquier, Barre Phillips, who then authorised CARBOW to offer them to you in a special series.

"Made to Measure" bows are unique bows, specially designed and adapted to suit your personal requirements. We personalise your bow both from a technical (weight, centre of gravity, rigidity) and aesthetic point of view (frog, colour, engraved with your name etc).

 Have a look at our new "Carbow Up & Down" ® bass bows, which feature the highly innovative frog developed by Carbow in collaboration with Eric Chapelle. These bows allow the player to switch instantaneously between the French and German bowing styles.

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