Manufacturer of carbon bows since 1995

Manufacturing: high-quality materials, high expectations and tradition

Our bows are made exclusively with a first-class choice of materials: carbon fiber, resin, leather, horse-hair, pearl, etc...

The frogs are designed by CARBOW and manufactured by Paulus, long standing German manufacturers of frogs. Our standard bows are equipped with ebony frogs. For heavier bows, we use snakewood frogs which are denser so that the bow maintains its perfect balance. The frogs are mounted with a very well-made nickel-silver steel that doesn’t oxidize. Our frogs can also be silver or gold-mounted.

Kangaroo or goat leather is obtained mainly from farmed animals. Kangaroo leather is used for the double bass as it is soft and very resistant.

We offer white, salt&pepper, brown or black horse-hair from the best professionals.

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CARBOW bows are made individually according to the tradition of bow making. Our bow-makers are genuine professionals with 20 years experience in working with carbon and musical instruments. Making a bow requires 10 to 25 hours of work depending on the model. The bows are molded in one piece, and then individually shaped by hand. All the steps are carried out by the same bow-maker.

All through manufacturing, the bow undergoes numerous tests and controls before being labeled “ready for service”. The bow is then numbered and eventually signed by the bow-maker himself.

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Technology: From carbon to Carbow

Compared with wood, carbon has numerous advantages: rigidity, solidity, lightness, fatigue-strength… 

Moreover, using digitally conceived molds guaranties consistency in manufacturing.

But these advantages, including stable acoustic results, are only possible if the assembly of carbon fibers is the result of rigorous conception. Carbon is polished, varnished traditionally. No paint, no transfers. Only then do the bows produce a really exceptional sonority.

One of CARBOW’s manufacturing secrets lies in the very precise association of carbon fibers that improves its smoothness and musical quality. Our black bow sticks are made according to the traditional process. But CARBOW has perfected an exclusive layout of the fibers and a sophisticated method of assembly “under high-pressure” which eliminates all warping and excess resin.

Finally, with a specific combination of materials, fibers, resin, pigments, our latest technology, “CarboWave,” has opened the way to a new brown-colored bow stick that produces more harmonics…. thus a certain “resonance” to your instrument.

CARBOW technology uses carbon’s natural qualities to make bows that will release all the musical qualities of your instrument.

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Carbow is a subsidiary of LNM - Les Nouveaux Matériaux, a research department based in Marseille that for nearly 20 years has conceived sophisticated composite parts for the aeronautic, marine and manufacturing industry.

The creation of CARBOW bows was elaborated by composite engineer specialists using CATIA, a CAD software from DassaultSystems and NX10, a FEM software from Siemens PLM.

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